Lighthouse Healthcare, LLC of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1211 N. Shartel, Ste 900, Oklahoma City, OK, 73103, (405) 235-5331

I am so pleased with the staff of Lighthouse. So caring and attentive. I was warmly welcomed. My needs were addressed in a quick matter and with helpful, knowledgeable information. My doctor maintained great communication and kept me up-to-date with any changes to my care. He did a great job of working well with my other doctors, as well, to maintain proper care all the way around. Thank you Lighthouse for being so wonderful!  

Lighthouse has proved to be a phenomenal office to work with. I have suffered on-going issues over the years. As you can imagine, I have had to visit with quite a few doctors offices. Lighthouse is such a pleasure to go to and I can't say that for everyone. Their office is always clean, welcoming and comfortable. Their staff is always polite and sincere in answering all of my questions. They are consistent, even when my mood is not (and as a person with chronic pain, that is saying something). I would recommend Lighthouse and their high level of excellent care to anyone.



I would like to take a moment to give Lighthouse some much needed praise. They have been so wonderful to me. I love their doctors and all of their staff. They have helped me to manage my care in a way that takes the hassle out of multi-doctor healthcare management. It can be hard to manage multiple doctors. I am always trying to keep all of my notes and doctors information straight. Lighthouse does it's best to be a one stop solution to lessen the stress in my day. If another doctor needs to be called, their staff is great about bridging the gap of paperwork and accomplishing the task at hand. I always get the feeling that they are trying to work their hardest to assure that I am enjoying my time with them. I have often suggested them to friends and family and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.      

There is little that is more joyful than being able to brag about your doctor and the excellent care that you are receiving. I am so blessed that with Lighthouse, I get to do just that. They are truly a blessing to work with. I look forward to going to the doctor and with my chronic pain issues, that has to happen a lot for ongoing health and pain management. I am so glad that I found Lighthouse and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. I love how friendly and welcoming their staff is. Vitals to prescription management, I just can't say enough good things. I brag about them to everyone. I would highly suggest them to anyone that is looking for a doctor that they can brag about too!


What do you think of when you think of going to the doctor? I used to feel dread and despair. I didn't look forward to it at all. Now, I know I am headed to staff at Lighthouse and I look forward to it. I just love the doctors and staff at Lighthouse. They never leaving me feeling ignored or passed over. The staff is so courteous and knowledgeable for all of my billing and medical record management needs. The doctors are careful and thorough. I never feel rushed or uncared for. They answer all of my questions and even follow up with me later if there is a question that they may not know right away. I have received care from many of the local physician at different points over the years. Lighthouse is and continues to be a bright spot in my day. I am so happy I found them. I hope they are my doctor's office of choice for a long time to come.

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Lighthouse Healthcare, LLC of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma